Errani Marittima is a shipping agency placed in Ravenna specialized in liner services, vessels’ management and operation, and cargo chartering.
The company was established in 1995 and by virtue of its highly skilled structure may guarantee the quickest reply to the clients’ requests, both concerning vessels chartering and agency services which is available with sub-agents in all Italian ports.
Thanks to excellent links and to the possibility of working directly with several Shipowners, Errani Marittima is able to offer suitable solutions to different necessities that the operators have to face daily, together with highly competitive prices.
In particular Errani Marittima is involved in a conventional liner service between the Adriatic Sea ports (including Ravenna) and the East Mediterranean Sea ports, calling at different places like Greece, Turkey (including the Marmara Sea), Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt by employing directly chartered and controlled vessels.
This service occurs every 4 to 10 days, and is involved in carrying machinery, paper, PVC, steelware, plywood and general cargo.
As a brokershouse, the company boasts a leading role in bulk trading fixing vessels up to 15/20.000 dwt, may guarantee huge import to the Italian ports as well, and covers a big part of export trade from the Adriatic sea.
The above mentioned potential comes up to expectations of several sector operators, ensuring the possibility of shipments out of the conventional routes.
The increased experience in vessels’ management as well as a rigorous observance of the interests of its own principals, makes Errani Marittima a valid reference point for various Shipowners calling at Ravenna and all the Italian coast ports, satisfying with the highest celerity any commercial or operative request from Owners’ side concerning agency matters.
In consideration of a growing and further expanding market requiring bigger tonnage and willing to offer a better service, Errani Marittima has increased its directly managed series of vessels, among which 3 sea-river vessels of 4100 mt dwt (“Kishynev” type), a “Sormovsky” type (dwt 3.000 mt) and a “Short Volga” type vessel (dwt 4.480 mt), description of which is on our web site. Another 3.600 mt dwt vessel has been added to Errani Marittima fleet, and it is employed on the Adriatic Sea/Israel route as well as on the other Mediterranean trade.
Errani Marittima is involved in ensuring a quick and efficient assistance by means of a big capacity of human resources, and is interested in increasing it with respect to professional skill and by employing advanced information technologies in order to guarantee to the client and partners the higher standards of quality for the offered service.
The company cooperates in close contact with Errani Spedizioni which is its company partner as well, offering logistic and custom services, loading/unloading assistance, land transportation, combined transport, sampling and quality controls. - copyright 2005